About Sapulpa Parks & Recreation!

The City of Sapulpa's Parks and Recreation Department is continually striving to keep pace with the challenge of growth and its incumbent responsibilities, and to provide "quality" parks, recreation facilities, and programs that meet the ever-changing leisure needs of the Sapulpa Community.

The Parks & Recreation Department currently has 19 parks and recreation facility areas under its jurisdiction. The Department is responsible for maintenance of all properties during all stages of planning, development, and maintenance. Throughout each stage, the Department strives to protect and enrich both man-made and natural resources and employs them to make available an assortment of recreational programs and events. This strategy is intended to provide accessible, benefits-driven recreational facilities and activities which support local community citizens, groups, and organizations of every age range and ability.

City parks range in function and size from small, one-acre "pocket parks" to a large youth sports complex, and are in varying stages of development. Sapulpa Parks and Recreation also maintains two City lakes with approximately 369 surface acres of water and manages year-round stocking programs. The City lakes are enjoyed by members of the state-wide area for outdoor fishing, boating, camping, hiking, and hunting activities.

Our Mission

The Mission Statement of the Sapulpa Parks and Recreation Department is to ensure that the provision of "essential" and "benefit driven" parks and recreation opportunities are accessible to all Sapulpans, and to protect and enhance our environment, both natural and man-made.

Our Vision

The Vision of Sapulpa Parks and Recreation is to provide essential, quality parks and recreation services through imaginative and dedicated stewardship to support and enhance the community with; Family Activities/Relaxing, Exciting Festivities/Convenient, Safe Facilities/ Diverse Activities to Stimulate physical and Mental Health.